Quitte a fun day ;)

Yesterday was one great day of mine. Morning went through easily without a doubt. Hopefully, what I feel is right. Lunch was served and later I had a nap. Quite along nap too hehehehe...

Afternoon came then I and sis went bowling with friends, high school friends and Uni friends. It was quite fun but I don't know why I get so low score :( yab man lolz...

After leaving we went to NinoMaxx, a cloth shop, to buy a present for my brother's friend's birthday. Then I bought one de tov :D

After leaving, we headed for a restuarant called Kuy Teav Touk in order to join a nother farewell party for Chantha who is going to Belgium for his degree. You know what a surprise? When we ask the date of his departure we realize that it was the same day as Thlay who had already gone to er... I forgot hehehe... well, we were in the same place, the same day, the same year, but different month hehehe... We took quite alot of pic and we were kinda noisy as well hehehe... tov kon leng na ke skal kon leng ning hhahaha...

Ok, that's it for today.


  1. wowo... i no that u were having great time. Don't need to post 3 times the same article! :p

    where are the pics anyway?

    I wont believe that you were enjoying unless I've seen the pics/ :P

  2. yeah i agree with kalyan.I won't believe till I see the pics hehe


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