4th day

Decision had made. I'm in the present so nothing to care about the past so does the future lolz... I am so happy recently that most of my friends said "you look so happy, Phors!!!", they also asked "Sth good had happened to u or wat?" and some other say "you are so sweet recently" hehehehe... I agree with that. Sth that is really good had happened to me. That is his present nos ey ;) Kekekeke... Having him around, the world seems to be real nice and beautiful. I love that and wish it will always be so. However, it's not gonna last long. It doesnt mean he'll be gone but it's just he will be no longer here beside me in the very near future. Well, well, well,... I still got 16days. So need to think of how to use it wisely vinh pror ser cheang hehehe... Hum... you know what? One policy in mind is not to miss a kiss even one day :P That means I'll be meeting him everyday lolz...

Anyway, today things seems to be so nice. I did have a great time in the morning with my friends. Enjoy talking in class, actually hahahaha... we asked our male friends to give us present on X'mas but in order to get that we need to do the assignment for them lolz... Lazy mate, they are! Greedy girls, we are as well hahaha... BTW, in the afternoon the class was set to be 3hours straigh with AL, a subject to which considered to be a sleepy one. And I had thought I would felt asleep during the class but it turned out to be sth different from what I had expected. I enjoy it alot and so does everyone else since he had made alot of fun during the lesson. Finally, the eveing came. Sorry honey to keep you waiting since I wanna go with yan hehehe... I know you would never mind that, right? That's why you are always good in my thought hehehe... Tell you one thing chos, I was quiet because I was thinking what should I do with you when the time to leave comes hehehe... and what i did to you before leaving is what I had thought :P

Ok, should sleep now cos Tmr got special appointment phorng hehehehe...



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