Will it be???

It's been along long time that I've left this blog to be out of date. It just happen to me that the internet was down for more than a month. I was so bored and stressed but it might have beeen good as well, as i usually completed my work, and i did review the lesson before test or exam. The result turned out to be good, just like wat i suppose to get. I'm happy but I'm stress again when it's time for another work to be done. Why there always are things for me to do all the time? (sight)

Anyway, I just got the internet connection back that then I started to use it endlessly lolz... Well, I suddenly got one comment for my old old old journal which makes me think that time does fly. It seems like yesterday that it just happened but now it's time for another thing to happen. Yet they both are different. I'd rather to have only one of them which is the Meeting without Leaving. Somehow, it's not gonna be like what I wish for. Just as what I always said to myself, wish is always a wish. However, I'll spend it as wisely as i could do for him and esp.for my heart in this coming event. Will I ever be able to do with my packed schedule? Will I ever be able to do as what I planned to? Will it be the real memorable days of ours? Or bla bla bla....???

Let's just wait and see, another word that I always use.


  1. Yes I understand, Samphors. It's true. Having internet connection in Phnom Penh is a luxury for me. Sparingly I get by. If I have extra money I would go to the internet cafe to check my email and post something up to my blog too.


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