Time flies...

Finally, our last day came. I am sad yet he made my day special with his bouquet follow by a meaningful written card. I was all the way lost in thought and scare of seeing him away, suddenly, his touch awaken me to be in reality that I can still see him with the look of his, sending back to me. Later having a talk to which I did enjoy, however, with sadness in mind. It's hard to show out though.

His last smile still appears in the eye of mine...



  1. Time Flies
    (Vaya Con Dios)

    It's been such a funny day I don't know why Walking on an endless
    lane Life passing me by Tomorrow is calling But I'm dragging my
    feet The skies are indecently clear But I can't stand the heat
    Sleepwalking in a haze Stumbling like a child Dragons that I
    used to chase Tease me from inside The future's uncertain Just
    like yesterday Memories of heaven Can be taken away Chorus: You
    know, time flies And the rebels, one day They all go quiet Ain't
    no money, ain't nobody That can buy you peace of mind They say
    you learn from your mistakes It's a lie My redemption has been
    staged Numerous times But the angels of passion Still taunt me,
    in my sleep They keep throwing petals and thorns Underneath my


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