Still ME...

On 24th, I went to my school party, RULE, with my bf. There I met many friends of mine. Not only those studying at RULE but also at IFL. Also those who are not studying with me and some of my relatives. I felt really great to have him walking by my side. Moreover, sitting, talking, and dancing till I forgot about the time to come home. I did enjoy it alot. You know, I had never thought I would dare to reveal the truth but his love had given me strenght to be brave and finally, I did it. However, it's not enough to built my confident in making decision once I got another contrasting idea. But because of this contrasting idea, I know how great is his love to me untill I feel I'm not good enough to get such a nice guy like him. He always cheer me up whenever I'm down, but I never turn him up, worse, I always make him confused with my nonsense thought. More, I never speak out the real reason. I still cant change myself, 'd rather be understood than to tell.


  1. Because you are born selfish.

  2. every girl is it is the only right that we should be is about sacrifying 50 50 from each party. However, girls always want to have like 90% from the sacrificed party. I agree that you should be selfish to a certain extent, if not it won't be called true love. If he refused to sacrifice then it wouldn't be called love. I wish you a happy ending!!!

  3. really, i didnt no dat women a selfish, but samphors 2 young n inexperience 2 b altruist. u dont hav 2 b, but only b reasonable person...,50/50 shouldnt apply 2 u.yeah, dat's rite,wish u a happy ending.


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