A short story

by Me~*

The sun was shining so bright that I could hardly open my eyes while walking to a restaurant where my friends were waiting for me. As I enter I saw a guy, who were quite familiar to me, who I thought to be someone I know clearly but it's just impossible for him to be here and though he was sitting in the table near my friends' having his back turning to me. My heart's beating fast. Imagining if this guy is really HIM? Had he came to me for this special day? Had he thought of surprising me? Or....? Well, well, well,... I thought too much. He just couldn't be here at this time. He supposes to be in a meeting, I think. I mean he told me so last night. So I just turn to my friend, who were waving her hand as a sign to let me know where she is. I walked on to her table and suddenly I notice that the guy who was sitting now standing up. It seems like he's about to go somewhere. I wonder where he would be going. Walking to me? Walk out? I don't know I just knew he is alone at the table. I want to see his face so that I would know if he's that someone-I-want-him-to-be or if not, I'd stop thinking of him as someone-I-want-him-to-be; but, sadly his face still being somewhere out of my sight. Looking at that guy in detail, he is very much alike to that someone-I-want-him-to-be. Quite straight, soft, and a little long with the style of that hair of his which I think I used to touch and feel had made me think that he is that someone I want him to be. Even the t-shirt he was wearing for which I think I used to put my hands on is quite a style that someone-I-want-him-to-be usually wears. Have a look at the color of the trouser; it's so much a like to the one I used to see that someone-I-want-him-to-be used to have it on. More focus on the shoes? Hum... It's a little different, but why the size seems to be so the same? I could hardly tell that he's not that someone-I-want-him-to-be. BUT, if he really is someone-I-want-him-to-be they why would he act as so ignoring me like this? Why would he be here alone? Why would he have nothing in his hand or not even a rose on his table? I keep wondering why he's here, doing nothing, with no one. Maybe he's waiting for his girlfriend, friends, or someone? As I was asking why and why in the head, I saw him walking out of his table. It seems like he's turning his face to me. OH GOD!!! My heart starts to beat faster and faster again. I'm about to know who he really is...


khmerbird said…
very writing, you got a nice spot of telling story,

i guess he is the one you want him to be,

coz your heart beats so fast,

oh it'se nice to read story in this mood,

nice i sign u 10/10,
Someone-You-Want-Him-To-Be said…
Guess what? it's me ;)Someone-You-Want-Him-To-Be :D
oh god... very good story... thanks for sharing the feeling. Thanks to someone-you-want-him-to-be also. You must have been there for her...