'I hate you'

Tell me how you feel when someone say "I hate you" to you.


  1. first, i would ask "y u hate me" Samphors, y u hate me? r "wat make u hate me" of course ppl normally upset, disappoint, feel blue...especially if a special 1 said dat...but if i make mistake then i must fix it up...rite, wat is really happening wit u? use rational choice theory okay, might help u out

  2. For me i'll say that : u a right...hate me first and end with love....lolz....

  3. hum.. it depends on who say so to me. if he/she is nothing to me, why would i bother taking it serious? it is just to make me headache. but if he/she is important to me, then i would ask why? and how can i make better of myself...

  4. hhe, i feel ok. we are not expected everyone love us and like us! Take life easy!!!

  5. wowww..so beautiful dog on the right side you hang up! but yourself cute too I guess! anyway i like this style! from Strenger guy.

  6. when someone say i hate you
    coz he want to say in reverse
    mean he can't hate you,

    i will feel happy to hear someone say that to me

    but in fact no one does to me.

    u r lucky if someone just said that to you.


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