Date: 23 Feb, 2006 Time: 1:00am

It happened this morning when I done my exam. I phoned my sis and asked her to go home as I drove with her when coming to school. She told me to wait another 10mins then she'll call me when she leaves the workshop which was talking about thesis. I waited for about an hour still there's no phone call. Then I went to meet her in the workshop room, I asked to leave still she insisted me to stay. Well, after saying no to her, she seems to prepare her stuff but not willingly then I decided to come home without her.

Lunch time, I went down, my elder sis blamed me for the reason why I left my twin sis at school as she was coming after me when I leave. BAD sister, she said.

Ok, I am BAD. So what? I give her 1hour is not enough? She told me to wait only 10mins what's that another 50mins is all about? I HATE waiting though I usually let others wait for me. It's bad, I know. So what? This is ME! I always am and I always will be!!!!

Anyway, I'm sorry sis. I was too much on you. But you do know who I am.


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