My Valentine's Day

At around 9.30am I was told to sign to get an important letter. It turned out not to be only one but 3, one for my Aunt, one for my sis, and another for me. What a surprise? The letter is from someone I don't know but it's clearly stated my name. However, the sender's name is in Japanese. Hum... How to read? I don't know Japanese. Just hop it's not written in Japanese, and well, it's not but in Khmer. What a relief! Ok, the letter sounds funny. Oh.. but still I don't know who sent this. I could make a guess though. There's a "trademark smile" mention in the letter. Well, thanks friend!

One more thing, I got a bunch of rose with a box of chocolate from my dearest sister. She always is the one who never miss a year giving me these two lovely things. I LOVE YOU, SISTER :)


  1. Happy Valentine's day!
    It's a love day for all.
    I wish you have peace, love, and joy...
    But it's a single awareness Valentine's day for me.
    As I'd been far from home and my belove family...
    Enjoy your happy day!


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