A gift from HIM

Just as I received a call telling that I got a gift from Singpaore, I felt happy, curious, surprise, and more.... Lots of things came up into my mind. I suddenly get dress and be ready to take it from the post office though I had thought of not going out today. So bad, there's no delivery. On the way there, I could not stop thinking of how had he done that. He did surprise me. I feel loved and more. I suddenly want to sms or call him to let him know that I got the gift. But I did nothing till night time that I came online and thank him. I did something that doesn't really mean as much as the way I feel. I feel glad but sad at the same time. I disappoint him again. I could do nothing but to sorry. I just want to tell him again and again that I LOVE HIM so much for NOW and FOREVER.


Anonymous said…
Not to worry :p
Anonymous said…
Thank for let me know about girl's feeling when she loves s.o.
Anonymous said…
When love comes everything is just too good, too perfect. This is LOVE ;)

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