A gift from HIM

Just as I received a call telling that I got a gift from Singpaore, I felt happy, curious, surprise, and more.... Lots of things came up into my mind. I suddenly get dress and be ready to take it from the post office though I had thought of not going out today. So bad, there's no delivery. On the way there, I could not stop thinking of how had he done that. He did surprise me. I feel loved and more. I suddenly want to sms or call him to let him know that I got the gift. But I did nothing till night time that I came online and thank him. I did something that doesn't really mean as much as the way I feel. I feel glad but sad at the same time. I disappoint him again. I could do nothing but to sorry. I just want to tell him again and again that I LOVE HIM so much for NOW and FOREVER.


  1. Thank for let me know about girl's feeling when she loves s.o.

  2. When love comes everything is just too good, too perfect. This is LOVE ;)


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