Entrance Ceremony

I missed my Japanese class in order to attend this Entrance Ceremony. It worth it. It was short but well, i felt the sense of pride. And... that's all. Have a look at the pic I've taken ^_^

Music was so soft and gentle... I miss HIM.
Law student
Just Law again.
Cambodian ma dong.

Nagoya University
Beautiful ladies (except me)
Finally, back to my tiny room.


Phossdey said…
That's what law students are supposed to look like! lol Cool, sis!
Unknown said…
Sister, you look so beautiful=)
me said…

Look good :) Must have been a happy time, eh.

I saw sister Hun there too. Have heard she's in Law PhD now. Please send my regards to her if you meet her, ehh.. by the way, this is DOM from Sihanouk Ville.