On my way to school

Good one eh?


VChh MIL@NO said…
It reminds me the place I used to go,,,
a very nice picture,you are a pretty girl.
Sovanna Phum said…
Hey, Samphors! how are you? you look you get a little bit fatter than, you're living here. ^_^

lee da said…
oh Phors in JP is so stylist..good sense of fashion ;)
Phossdey said…
That guy named Sophal is yab! What's a sense of being a gentleman! Never criticize a woman with her appearance. It regards as lack of moral. Beside, people keeps using the word 'fat' to describe once you step out of country. It becomes a habit which it's actually nothing true in that.
Anyway, you're cool, sis!
Sovanna Phum said…
Hi Samphors, am i wrong just saying with a word fatter to you? Your sister said to me it was seneless at all.

Phossdey if that word, it was really critize your sister i apology....

Wanna said…
Just realized that you're now in Japan. So KOOL sis :)
Samnang said…
Srey Mom,

Still remember bang Nang?? You must have enjoyed your life in Nagoya? I think so, based on your very cool pictures!! A different life, isn't it?

Srey Pov,
I know you come to this page often, right? How is life in Aussie? Enjoy te? How is school?? You all are great!

Drop me a line some time!