In my mail box

Coming to get some document in order to collect my Alien Card at Ward Office with my Vietnam and Laos friends, I checked my mail box. Look what I get? See below lolz...

So big, isn't it?

These are stuff inside.

I was wondering who would send me without a from add? I just thought, i remember this handwriting somewhere hehehe...

Answer was provided after seeing all these cute stuff. Thanks a lot dear!

So you see? I'm wearing it. Thanks sis!


  1. hehehe... ;-)

    i jus wanna be anonymous :p lolz

  2. it looks good. should thanks alot to the sender.

  3. hmmm little lousy ... I should have chosen the 7 one. Never mind, you look good ^_^ hehehehe

  4. nice shoes!!so how ar u doing bongtom??


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