Lunch Box

Alright, this is the best fried rice I could cook... its taste was not so bad lolz...
Lovely eh?


  1. hehe....its good enough na bong tom...I love tat cover...its stitch!!

  2. The Japanese lunchbox you packed looks very nice. I begin admire how Japanese people live their life with their unique culture.

    As I've been reading some reviews about IBM ThinkPad, I stumbled upon how Shōkadō bentō, a traditional black-lacquered Japanese lunch box, inspires the design of the ThinkPad computer laptop. This is very interesting.
    Take a look at this:

  3. ur fried rice, It looks so delicious, moreover, ur cover look very cute ! it is so nice (">)

  4. So you're not that lazy, after all!


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