Star Festival @ JICA

Description here. More picture below:


Dokoi Soo??? Japanese Dance :)

Photo session

Transformed into Jappanese lolz...

Japanese boy and girls, plus (and esp.) Khmer Girls (hehehe...)

Japanese boys Vs Khmer girls

Wishing Hour

Bang Hun

Uh oh! No peeking on my wishing paper hehe..

Yum Yum

See that M sign?

Free stuff!!! Grab one!!!

R, thanks for inviting us to perform and enjoy the party at JICA. Y, can't wait to see more picture from your cam since mine sucks lolz...


Unknown said…
Yeah, i am very happy like flying in the clear blue sky. you make this happiness possible, because you are the other side of the wing. i am lucky to be your friend.
Phossdey said…
ohh teat heoy, Chhunhieng. Tres sdey 9. lolz

Anyway, looks nice! But why the dress is not pink? You need new sponsor? lolz
Svetlena said…
awww...nice pictures..
Look fun sis!
U must teach me lah..
blackandwhiter said…
a lot of fun nas nor :) did you meet bong Nha?
Unknown said…
Nice! Love the japanese dress, going quite well with kben. Lol...