Body ache

Remember this?

Yeah yeah yeah, that's the cause of my body ache now [ow ow ow...]


  1. hahahha, you you leng ma dong ching houy, if leng every week like me, oh, healthy and loss weight tean nor. enjoy more ok.

  2. lolz..
    i dont care
    all i can notice is the word : Stitch!!!lolzz...hahahhaaa

  3. ah-ha, back to badminton! I'll be back too next week, hopefully. See ya there!!!

  4. Nak: Even though so, I love to complain lolz...

    Hieng: You are not saying that I gain weigh, are you? Or are you telling me that you are losing your weigh now?

    Elen: that's my carpet hehe... wanna steal? Come and do so :P

    Yeng: See you soon then ;)

  5. If only I can go, I ll go during my vacation or celebrate my birthday there na sis. but i dont think i can , coz i just back from Paris lah :P

  6. I just started to play badminton with my workmates for two times too. The first one was 2 weeks ago, and I could hardly walk to work. ^_^

    Anyway, are you good at it? I wanna challenge you. hahha..

  7. ohh Kenno wants to challenge you la! Sis, you've got time to train. Anyway, recalling back when i could use it once....... lolzzzzzzzzzz


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