Kanha arrival

Finally, she's here. The 3 NGBs are now together. Can't wait till November hehe... there are more to come lolz....


  1. so nice eh....i will create one NBB also lolz..hehe

  2. A mouy Peak Av Kmaov Louch Smile hahahhaa!!! may be she has nice smile as always!

  3. wow!!! isn't that tired? How many hours have you talked at that night? how long bong Nha will stay with you guys?

  4. nice smile as always eh, Hieng? lolzzz

    Cheat did not close her eyes, anyway.

    Welcome to the new member!

  5. Ah kanha, welcome to Nagoya! Nice to see you this evening. Also welcome to CSAN dance group! Lol...

    Hieng, kanha's gonna be your coconut dance partner. Be prepared for smiling in response tov!!!

  6. wow i smell something in here. kekekeke


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