I don't remember what I did one year ago. I don't even have the record though I've been blogging almost everyday.

Today, I stayed indoor. It's getting hotter and hotter. I sweat every time I walk out. I don't feel good about it. So, I stay at home; more precisely, in room.

Lots are going on my mind again. Basically, about this choice I have to make. Here or There? Yah! This is PIK BAK!

Note: Today this year I do nothing beside looking at picture, chatting, surfing the net, listening to music, watching movie, blogging, bla bla bla...


  1. hello hello, I was just a wake ! I fall a sleep coz of without rest during and after long flight . 7/7 let me check if i did blog on that day or not?? I guess not...lolz

  2. ah...nice time neh ? hehe..erm, dun know what to say..hehe..just wanna say i love u :)

  3. So you are doing the same thing like last year. kekeke


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