The arrival of happiness hehe

It's been a busy week. One after another, there are parties and gathering. But it's never been any more tiring than to pack up the thing. It doesn't matter, anyway. For the good deed of it, my happy time is coming today. My mum and twin has finally arrived safe and sound. Thanks to Korean Air lolz...

Now let the happy story begin!!!

Since we both busy packing and cleaning the house since the early morning, we couldn't get a proper lunch before the arrival of my family. So here we are with our beloved Stabucks!!! It keeps us alive lolz...

After having so many passenger gone, my knee went weak and that's how it goes...
'Kal Ke Moh???'

Yay!!! Here they are!!!

My twin, my girlfriend, ME~* and my mum
I know we all beautiful :P

And here's our supportive friend, R. Seriously, Thank You!!!

We seem to use V a lot more often now. Oh well, we want peace lolz...
On the way home, Mansion Omura

Tada!!! Finally, mum got to see my damn cool school!!!

Modelling in front of Central Library

Here's everybody for now

Tick Tock Tick Tock...
Dinner time!!!


No comment :P
But my twin is so happy here haha...

Table 2

Table 3

Thanks for coming boys and girls!!!

End of Day 1


  1. ahh...nice pic u have here sis ^^
    tmr is coming! the day that u finally home!!!!

  2. That was because I had sushi, sis! Now, I miss that sushi ... hmmmm


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