It's a day to say Goodbye

'I wanna go home' has always been in mind since I arrived Nagoya. It was not a pleasure to leave home and be here on my own. I've now and then counted the month and day of my final departure. It's still not yet arrived and I am still counting.

9 days to go!

A day before the ninth, I was given the opportunity to say goodbye for good.

Here's ME~* with my supervisor, Wada Sensei
Since I finished, I got to know him better and that's when he gotta say I'm such a spoiled kid. You know why? I don't eat veg. :(

Well then, GOODBYE sensei!!!

Now, it's time to say goodbye again. As usual, CSAN always held this twice a year farewell party for every Cambodian graduates. I've seen many gone and waiting for my day. Finally, my time has come. As a special treatment, the party was held at Sakurayama Kainkan, which I beleive to be the only party that hold there. Alright, stop the nonesence. Let's go to the party!

That's such a hard thinking I was doing in picture. It always happen that I fail to give a good speech. Unsurprisingly, I was kinda not at all interesting. That sucks but that's just ME~*

ME~* and my girls
I'm just going to miss you girls so much. Suddenly, I feel that time is just so short. I haven't really had that much time with you. I'm not sure if that's just because I want more or probably, we hand't yet had that enough time together just yet. I spoiled my talk again. So gonna miss ya lotsssssss!

Group picture
I'm gonna print it big and frame it when I'm back. That will decorate my memory so well. Thanks for making the day happen.

*~Peace Out~*


  1. お疲れ様でした!

    have a safe trip back home :)

  2. i'm gonna miss u badly too...[sigh]! Nah, i'll visit Cambodia soon, then we can spend time together there again :D


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