Shooting the rain

As usual, my eyes ain't gonna open until noon. Today, I strangly felt so gloomy. The room was in the dark. I put my leg to support myself near the bed and got up to push the curtain open. Looking through my window, I see the rain is falling. I slided the door open and let myself touch the drops. It's cold but loving. No more heat no more sun, the rain announced the arrival of autumn. So I went back in to get my camera for a quick shot of this loving moment. I couldn't really figure how to, then i google. Here's where I found the answer. Simply use a shutter speed of 1/60 sec and nothing else. Following are what I got :)


  1. Well done, sis! Loving it ... and i am longing to be there in autumn! yeah!!!

  2. oh.. nice picture... u no whenever i hear the sound of rain, what come into my mind is my room is going to be flooded again.. hik hik... so damn.. last week it already happend..

  3. That is smart of you to google for right exposure to shoot the rain. Love all the three shots. Hope to see more of it.

  4. Very refreshing view. I love the feeling after the rain. Your hands are steady, can tell by how sharp the photos are. Very well done, Samphors! Way to go!!!

  5. Touch: The weather is getting better, you'll have a good time when you are here ;)
    iBK: Thanks.
    Koko: Good luck with the flood in your room lolz
    Bang Phal: Thanks :D I learnt that from my twin haha...
    Sothy: I need to hold my breath every time I click for a shot. It's killing me but fun haha... Thanks for the compliments. I'm smiling haha...

  6. yeah... thank you.. it's been flooding again since Monday. I'm homeless for three days heuy...


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