What is wrong with GUY?

You are well-known to be the strong human being. You've been living with respects out of nowhere. You've been praised by the world. You've been just the one a family is waiting for. You own everything you ever wished for. You are just everything doesn't mean you can do anything on the woman you love. She has a heart too, remember!?! And if love means to have her worships you, you haven't known the real thing just yet. You gotta learn to be nicer when you have the chance. You have to treat her like she is the one in this world. You don't pressure culture and you don't tell that's what society told you to do. You are giving the excuse to do what your spoiled-mind is telling you to do. Do you have a heart at all?!? She would throw herself into the fire if that means to rescure you. She would not care what the world say when she said she loves you. She would do anything just to please you. Believe me, she do it regardless of greed but a heart that she has for you. She just simply treats you as a man, the one that has no need to be compared.

to be continued... (?)


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