If you know what I mean ;)


Unknown said…
Congrats, if I'm not wrong!
Btw, is that a mug?
CheaPhal said…
Let me guess. You went back to the law firm you worked for!! And they offered you the mug as a gift. loz.
Phossdey said…
Bang Phal, that's mug was given since she was there at first place.

But is this a new one, sis? :D
Phossdey said…
Sis, I am waiting for your first salary. hahahahaha
Sambo Samphors said…
Yeng: Thanks. It's a mug ;)
Bang Phal: You're half correct cos that mug was given since I first was there :D
Touch Touch: Come home, I'll pay you (exclude Dom hahahah) a fine dinner :P