Welcome to the Family

Finally, my sis gave birth to her second beautiful daughter. Here's a little detail I've received:

Weight: 2.95Kg

Birth date: Monday 28 December 2009
Time: 03.03 AM
Her nick from me: BF (if only you knew what I mean haha)

2.95Kg, See?

First injection. It looks so hurtful :(

Very cute way of sleeping hehe...

With her daddy...

Here's a few status update from family and friends in Facebook

Peap Tarr: Hey Kanha Big Congratulations on the Newly Arrived Baby early this morning , Happy Day Indeed it must have been that Italian food ! hahah
Sambo Samphors: 'Welcome to the family!'
Phossdey Sambo: my baby niece arrived at 3:03am ... 2.95kg ... 52cm ... lips are like her mother's :D ... she is very active one ...
Moon Sunsky: Good news for the family, new member is coming now haha...............
Tito Inn:
yeah Baby is already delivered. Now on the way to hospital. See u soon nak bong n kmuoy srey :D So happy coz we can make it after waiting for a whole nite...
Phossdey Sambo: my third niece is coming soon!!! yeay!!!!


  1. Congraulation sis nina, 3 days after christmas and 3 days before new year, btw

  2. quite a notice, Hill!

    Anyway, awesome!!! So happy with her arrival ^_^

  3. only one baby not two? oh.. how is her monther? why only info about baby?

  4. Cute. Congrats on the new addition to the family. :)

  5. Koko: She's fine. Thanks.

    Pros Thom: Thanks.


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