Cranky Old Lady in her 20s

Being in my mid 20s, I feel totally old and cranky. I doubt the rest feel the same. Simply, I spot myself getting so annoyed and irritated easily with any single detail that goes wrong from my perspective. But believe me, I have reason to back it all up. Yesterday, I had the boy at my home get my car cushion washed. It came back with the very same stain I told him to get rid off. His reason, it’s the salty sweat that the dried clean couldn’t do. It’s not sweat deary! It’s the spilled food which I was hoping the SHOP could clean and not coming back to tell me nothing could be done for the job the SHOP suppose to do. But the stupid part is, that boy accepted that stupid stain and gave them my15$. Worse, I found the window switch broke. What does that part has anything to do with the cushion? He answered me, ‘I don’t know’. Tell me, it’s one hell of a reasonable answer. I looked around and found one car accessory lost. I told him to find, he couldn’t. I later found and fixed it myself. Damn! Of course, I didn’t scream at him no matter how much I wanna get this anger out of me. Simply, I held those angers inside and told him to do a better job next time. Before that, I reminded him not to again place my car to the gate way because the car is too low that every time I get out, it scratches the bottom part, unless I backwardly get out. This morning, he just had my car turn to the gate way.


  1. Tough life! But sis, you are not even turning 24th :D ... Cheers up, sis! Wish I could cook something for you when you hit roof like this. :D

  2. While reading this, Daniel Powter’s song, “bad day” echoed in my mind. Your day seemed stressed and funny in a weird sorta way, at least for me. Read your story again on a day you feel better and you’ll probably find some humor in it, you cranky old lady. ;)

  3. I guess the holidays brings out the Scrooge in some people. Bah humbug! Merry Xmas. :)


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