I'm just saying.

I don’t fancy comments on ME~* that much. Apparently, I’d avoid any talk in contact with comments. I believe, each and everyone is different and is good in one’s own way. Neither you have to tell nor advise, nothing could be done. One is still a one.

“You’re just too much into yourself”, I received. I don’t protest, I don’t deny. But let’s face the fact. Who doesn’t place themselves first? Try me, every decision you make always comes with a reason for yourself. A man asked his girlfriend for a break up. He said, that’s for a better life of her since he sure can’t afford her luxurious life she ever wanted. You see him putting her needs before his. Adorable, isn’t he? Let’s go deeper; he made the decision so just to put himself out of obligation. Now, how about that? You can reason, he sees the impossibility and continuance would result no good. And living a luxurious life would make her happier. He’s such a cutie eh? But then, her happiness is his, so it’s for his happiness that he chose to make her happy. Ah huh! Now, do you see what I mean? Well, it doesn’t matter. I’m just saying.


  1. "Every one is for themselves" I agree with this and all most all economics students including those who did not study economics, know for sure about this. Watch one movie "Beautiful Mind" you will learn a lot. This movie is fantastic since the mathematician in princeton got a nobel price but his life has been so interesting. he was considered a genius and found a very important theory. ;-) try it if not yet!

  2. I have seen it, Virak. I strongly like the movie. ^_^

  3. Really... he found out that Adam Smith who is the father of modern economics which says every one must think for themselves best so the best outcome. But Nash proved that the thinking was incomplete. Nash said every one must not only think for themselves, but also for the group so the best output will be met. His optimal theories influences so many economic theories today. Every one knows Game Theory along with Nash... ;-) He also said with equation of love, you can find any logics... I watched it many times


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