Family Trip

It's been a while since we last went together on a trip. I couldn't quite remember when was the last time, anyway. So, it was grandma who wishes to get out of her house and spend time with her kids. Then uncles, as usual, told the story of our history and picked the place to go. And you see, here we went to Steong Ji Nith.


Finding the way



ME~* and Ma

Steong Ji Nith

Phnom Pros Phnom Srey


  1. Why everyone is wearing red?????????????? Loy nas!!!!!!!!!!!! Photos are awesome ... the water place looks so inviting, too!

  2. Wow, the red shirts escaped from Thailand and came here protect Thaksin! lol...I'm guessing your family went on a Sunday. Interesting pics, I never went there, only driven past it.

  3. Cool! is it coz of ur camera sissy? LOL

    u wonder same thing, y everyone in red ??

  4. Well, mum loves red, remember? And yeah, a plus, it was Sunday.

    It's quite a relaxing place. The water was amazingly clean and cold in contrast to the heat of the sun haha...

    I love my tan lolz..

  5. I love the shadows one in the water. Very artistic. Well seen my dear friend!!!!


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