Having her hair cut

I promised my niece to bring her for a haircut a while ago, but I just couldn't make it until today. Busy aunty or a lazy one, actually hehe... Well, off we went by 11.30AM. It took us about an hour to have it done. And here you go, the result!!!

Surprisingly, she asked for the same style as mine. Very new and cute on her ;)

Here she is with me

She's giving out some style

And now, she's playing with her uncles

Yippee!!! I'm one big kiddo lolz...


  1. lil bee nis style dol kor ta morng..lol

    btw, that hair really fit her

  2. Yeah, agree with her! Excellent choice ... and I wish one myself too. >_< but guess it's already too late. wah wah wah ... she's growing so beautifully ... hehehehe

  3. Bobee has a beautiful hair like you sis tom =D


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