Look Before You Leap

But I am leaping and I don't even wanna have a look.

Sweetie, I smell betrayal. You found somebody else and you don't even care to tell. I sense your awkwardness and I thought there is something bothering you that you wish not to sadden me by not telling. I’ve given myself a hard time thinking what I should do to make you happy. And after all, I found that it was me who was bothering you. Sweetie, sweetie, sweetie, I’m going to call you now and never again from today. It’s obvious that you are happier with the other than with me. Why couldn’t you have the gut to tell me the truth? I know I might be a bitch but really, I don’t want your fake love. I promise, I won’t beg you to stay. But if you happen to want me back, I’ll be here; yet, ain’t there‘ll be a love like this ever again.

Temporary. Really, just temporary.


  1. Be careful with your mind and thinking when you alone. :-) over or underjudgement is not good ok! Calm down and think well


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