How to ship your stuff from JP to Cambodia

I've been wishing to write these down a few months back but I just couldn't find the time. Just then, I received an email from B.Moch asking for some information regarding this shipping form JP to Cambodia for her friend. I quickly type.... so see below:

I shipped my stuff (everything including books) through Post Office. It's very simple and the postman are very helpful there.

First, pack your stuff into a box of about 20Kg. You can find the box in Post Office. It costs about 380-450 Yen/box. Or any other box will do. Just make sure, it's properly packed. Or they will ask you to do it again lolz...

Second, bring those boxes to the post office on your own. In case the post office is far from your residence, you may call Black Cat for the transportation. It usually cost 1,000Yen/20Kg box. But they need you to book a day before hand. So, I recommend Taxi hehe... or economically, call up a friend who has car ;)

Third, just talk to the postman about the method. I picked Sea shipping and the cheapest one. The price was 3,000Yen/10Kg. The duration is 1months+. They will provide you paper to fill in. Once you are done, postman will weigh and calculate for you. Jam ta bong luy tov!

Last but not least, upon arrival in PP. You'll be called up by some random postman/women? haha... and don't forget to bring your ID and cash when picking it up from the main Post Office (Next to EMS Post Office near Wat Phnom). They will ask for 40,000Riel/box or any other amount they want lolz... Also, they will check your stuff too, don't be surprise!

Remember, no guarantee in losing the stuff :P Make sure, when you pack, have the valuable stuff in the middle, so they can't pick it up easily :P

The end!

I hope it helps those who are about to be coming home ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing, Phors. I found the last 2 paragraphs very useful.

  2. "They will ask for 40,000Riel/box or any other amount they want lolz"

    I liked this part of your explanation and it's sooo true. lol I wrote about my experience at the post and how they tried to rip me off once.

  3. thanks and this is good. esp. for my dearest Seilaroath coming in this March...really cant wait to see her. leave me alone for 7years already again. thank you Phors~*.

  4. wonderful, helpful, meaningful information! How is everything with your preparation for skiing? please let me know and send me the form back.

  5. I appreciate all the nuances of dealing with the post office in Cambodia that you mentioned. I will definitely have my things shipped back.

  6. It is very useful indeed!! thank for posting. Anyway, What are the max weight they allow you to ship back?

  7. All: Glad you guys found it useful :)

    Thy: There's no maximum weight. You can ship as much as your wallet can handle haha... Again, a box shouldn't be any heavier than 20KG. It's for the convenience of the workmen. I was told. However, Two boxes of mine (which were basically books) were about 30KG each though. And in total around 360KG. So, pack all you want home ne!


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