Candle Read Aloud

Bee school held a reading function for all the student to come to school, dress in pajama, hold favorite soft toy and together sit and listen to the story, called Candle Read Aloud. There were four sessions, each in 10mns. There were rooms with different stories. So, they provide schedule where you can choose what to listen to depend on age and story.

Our choice was a bit of a mess and the event was going wild with time confusion and reader coming into a wrong room, and the giggle and the run and the all about kid. Can't imagine? See the pic!

First Session: Poem

Second Session: Sth with sisters

Second Session: Menfred the Baddie, fun and educating story. And plus, a very funny and good reader!

Sth I don't remember :D

Fourth session: Poem again!

See why there were double second session? Ain't a typo. There just was a misunderstanding. Anyway, it was a fun night. Love all the funny question and answer they gave after and during the reading. I sure would love to accompany bee there again :)


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