Off my mind goes

Suddenly, I think I just took a wrong path. I made one decision and it leads to an endless head/heartache.

What if I spoke my mind. What if I told the truth. What if I acted differently. Will what is happening now change to the other way around?

I justify myself that if I spoke the truth I could have lost what I have. Who knows I might never get it back. But what if I spoke the truth and I did not lose a thing yet received a better understanding in return. Then I guess I'm being regret to have not spoken it out.

But come on, let's not live in what if. I am in need of new idea. I am in need of solution. I am in need of how could I make it all go right. I need to know how could I ever tempted myself from being such a brats. I probably need another break. A long one probably do.