Passport Photo

The last time I took a shot was about six months ago. Since part of my face was covered, I need a new passport photo. So, I had my mum helped me out and here's the result!

I'm amazed. Not complimenting myself. I'm saying I don't need to go to any studio for passport photo anymore. This simply usable :) Quick and easy. Want one? hehe


  1. Wow you look amazingly beautiful, and indeed you are beautiful also in person. And yes you have a great idea in saving up your money without going to a shop for your passport photo. Well thought of!!! Well next time I must ask you to do passport pictures for me too :)

  2. Big thank to mum and the camera. hahaha ... som dak der-morng take pic mouy der. kekeke

  3. Sothy: I'm flattered. Thanks! Anyway, sure can do for you but I don't think you need me at all ;)

    Touch: Ot yul :-/

  4. mich kor min yol? i mean i want you to take pic ouy me der ning na. yiss

  5. she meant, she's register to be your client na amab!
    anyway so sa art my sis!! give this credit to mum vinj nor mab touch nor!! =))


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