Donation to Twinnie Girls

Yesterday, Mum got a phone call from Me Phoum Beong Thom who delivered us the arrival of Twin baby girls. Understood the situation as having a twin herself, MUM brought them gift and some lump sum to help out.

Here are some shots with the twin and the family:
Mum holding the first Baby

She put her back to sleeping

And pick another baby girl

I was taking off the mitten to see her finger. Really long and pretty one :)

Twin Twin
Six days old
2.2Kg (left) and 2.3Kg (right)

Final touch

Final look

Final shot

What surprised us was the twin baby girls are neighbored to the twin baby boys who we (mum and my twin) visited last year. Here's how they look now. Pretty eyes and such a long eyelashes for the boys hehe...


  1. I went back to find the name of the baby's boys. hahaha I could not really tell which one is Veasna and Ratana. Anyway, the baby twin girls have soft faces ... and cute, of course.


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