Conversation with Virus

F: hey u there?
F appears to be offline. 
ME~*:‎ hi 
ME~*:‎ invisible teat 
F:‎ can you do me a favor plz? 
ME~*:‎ if i could 
ME~*:‎ ;) 
F:‎ my best friend challenged me to find 3 people that are smarter than me.. can you pleeeaaaseee take this iq quiz for me real quick? 
ME~*:‎ is this virus? 
ME~*:‎ haha 
F:‎ hmm i dont think so, i always keep my antivirus up to date
F:‎ ? 
ME~*:‎ doesn't sound like you 
ME~*:‎ lolz 
F:‎ thank you so much!!


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