JP Cuisine for a Rough Day

I had a rough day. Not going to detail it. But I'm gonna share the little thoughtfulness of Nak. He brought me to dine out to make sure I'm not too stress out. We went to Origami, one of the Japanese Restaurant available in town. It refreshed my good memory in Japan and cheered me up for the rest of the evening. And I just don't forget to capture the moment at any type of my mood swing.


Nak, having hot tea. Very unusual of him.

I'm not a fan of bow or anything of the same to cuteness but this is simply pretty. Agree?

Tempura Soba (Cold)

Osaka Set
Free Dessert


  1. Good husband! Lucky wife! And I am damn hungry Japanese food here! Especially, Tempura >_<

  2. Make me hungry for Japanese food. Should try hot Sake...

    To Phossdey, How come you hided your profile?

    take care..


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