Another new coffee shop in town. What to do? Try!

Nak Bang


Sth we ate


Hot Chocolate

And so my comment would be, the coffee is pretty nice. The environment is pretty good. The price is your judgement. All above cost me 7$. Pretty much the same to the other coffee shop, isn't it?


Life said…
I will try it when I go to Cambodia.:) It's look good. To me is expenses due to the cost of avg workers in cambodia salary BUT if have the monies than IT whole diff story. Just my Opinion! Enjoy life cause Sun never stop rising.

You both look!
Phossdey said…
two drinks and one cake? reasonable. you guys have nice hair. 'm jealous and i wanna go to cafe shop too!
Sambo Samphors said…
We couldn't even finish that one piece of cake. Anyway, come home and we shall hang out at all coffee shop available in PP! Or I can go to you and enjoy all the available coffee shop in Geneva ;)
Sambo Samphors said…
Banana: If you meant to say we both look alike, I am not surprise!

Money is earned to make life easier and more pleasant. If it drives you nut, then we might have lost the control of own life.
Life said…
Sorry, I typed to fast at work. Don't get me wrong on monies, I love momies, Monies buy everythings.
Phossdey said…
if i were there i would have helped finishing the cake. hahaha

before i go there you come here first. 'm miss you so bad!
Sambo Samphors said…
Banana: Was just sharing my thought ;)

Touch: Keep praying!!!