Bella's Wedding Shoes

I am not a real fan of Twilight as much as I am to Harry Potter; but it is intriguing enough to get me excited about the wedding of Edward and Bella. Oh and how I love the wedding, the gown and the Shoes!

Here are photos I've stolen from here and here. There you can find more info.

What a pretty decoration. I'm so in love with white :x
This particular pretty shoes worth 1295$, a girl can dream right?
I'm in love with the lace!
 See how long the button goes?

 Look at the detail!

Now I think I want a shot that looks just like this hehe...
Oh.. and just so you know, the dress worth 35,000$
Damn! A girl can really just dream lolz...


  1. yes, when i fist saw it my jaw dropped and i loved single detail of that wedding scene ! kakakaka

  2. hahaha i love ever piece of the wedding.


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