Happy 2nd Birthday to Zee

She's turning 2!!!

And she's not interested in taking picture with me :(


  1. as usual, aunty! lol..

    p.s. my best wishes to her!!

  2. Touch: Zee is two and DM is one already! We won't notice how fast time flies until they scream "I'm 16, mom!" Scary just to think how old we'll be by then haha...

    Pha: Thanks pha pha... Looks like you know kids well haha...

  3. hmm... i actually just met a friend over at her place and she has a 17 year daughter who is not staying with her anymore. The daughter even has her boyfriend over at her place ... I don't know how I am going to cope with my Acthiphou has his girlfriend at my place!

  4. Hehe.. at least i've taught them for 2 years, babe. :D

  5. look at my songha Zee. love you love you.


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