Papermint Mocha Frappe

I'm a fan of Coffee. Brown is my favorite coffee shop in town. It is often that I visit the shop after lunch during my break from the office. The main reason is Brown makes good coffee (or it's just my taste ;) )

Christmas is coming near. Brown offers a special drinks for the season, one of them is Papermint Mocha Frappe. My usual is Mocha Frappe and this papermint really add a good scent to the taste. I'm loving it. And I really need to tell, I like the Cream and Chocolate Chip topping. It's just soooo Good!!

Why don't you give it a try?

Don't I sound like I'm advertising for BROWN? 
I should really post this one their wall. Who knows, I might get a free drink or maybe VIP card?


  1. Do it when this description. I am sure it sounds temptation!

  2. I have to agree with you on this. Their coffee do taste much better than other places. Have to credit Bunleang for this!!


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