Zip It

I was out. None knew where I was going. I did not inform anyone.

I returned an hour late than the usual hour. The first thing she said was "You're Late" when I entered.

What popped up in my head was "WTF" but I smiled and walked to my desk.

Now I remembered why I didn't really like her back then. Not everything she said was in my favor. Not everything she had to say was necessary to mention. It's very much "better zip it, lady!"


  1. i know i shouldn't be saying this, but you'd better shut her up next time!!

  2. You both make me feel better :) Thanks~!!!

  3. hahaha you see, never forget girlfriends! they know you best ;)

  4. You are going to get the "words" When you are working for someone that the way it is. Take a deep breath..:)

  5. hahaha srey chnas ( in mind) cos you didn't spit it out to her :P


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