Congrats R&Y!

The baby whose existence was aware by the parents in the morning of my very wedding day has just arrived!
Congrats Chhunhieng and Sokyeng!!!
J J is such a beautiful baby!!!
I couldn't tell who she takes after yet hehe...

I took my time during lunch break to visit JJ. She was peacefully sleeping and didn't bother with me :(
Anyhow, I could take a few shots of/with her :)

JJ is her temporary name while the parents/families are searching for the official one. She's 3.3kg and born today (26 January 2012) at 7 in the morning.

 ME~* and JJ
How big my face is -_-!


  1. Phors, thanks for the post and visit. Just happened to check out my blog today... lolz


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