Happy Birthday to NAK

We were on Mini-moon trip to Geneva-Paris-Venice and Nak's Birthday fall on the day we stayed in Paris. I couldn't do much for him. No big party, no big gift, but there was a big kiss :P

After a long walk touring around Paris, we finally stopped by at Louis XXV along Champ Elysee Street for a small dinner and a little drink. We were warmly welcomed by the waiter who speaks English! We were pleased (were you, Nak? lolz)

Since I couldn't afford the time to get him a big cake and that we won't have time to eat all of it, I ordered Brownie with Chocolate with a candle. But it turned out there were fire on the brownie instead of a candle. It was pretty, anyway. We had a great time.

Here's the shots we could afford to snap :)


  1. i found it very wonderful to celebrate such romantic birthday. jealous!!!

  2. it depends on how we put it ;) anyway, it was great!


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