Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beer & Dad

Among my 5 siblings, I'm the worst in being sweet to Daddy. That explains my twin is the best in such. Anyhow, she doesn't have the chance like I do today. I'm spending my time with Daddy while my twin is snoring in her bed haha... 
Beer and Sprite
I'm not a fan of beer. I wasn't aware that beer could be mixed just like whiskey or other spirit type. But this mixed one taste sweet and so easy to drink. At the end of each sip, I could taste the bitterness of the beer; yet in a yummy way.

ME~* and Dad after emptying the glasses and before going off to bed.



PhaPha said...

You naughty sissy!!!

Phossdey said...

Yeah, i really miss being spoil by him. >_<

LPP said...

PhaPha: True frenzy :P
Touch: that makes it more special when you're home again ;)