To extract (?)

I might really need to consider extracting my wisdom tooth for the third time. It hurts badly these few days. As an easy sleeping type of person, I have no problem falling and being soundly asleep. But this is far beyond control. I'm always awakening every two hours throughout the night because of the pain. And I just have to try to fall asleep all over again. It seems endless to endure such a pain. 

The dentist said the pain should last about a week but a friend said it is double that. Why couldn't I be one of those whose wisdom tooth doesn’t grow?!?!?!


  1. LOL. Calm down calm down! You sound like a kid refusing to see her dentist!

    I encountered wisdom tooth pain too, and it came again just last week, and I can tell how exactly you feel right now. Anyways, the decision is you to be made.

    I have made appointment with dentist to remove it, he advised me to take some medicines and see him when it's less painful. And guess what? I never show up. I don't have the courage to face the pain of removing, so I just let my wisdom tooth stay with me up until now. :)


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