Harmony Coffee

Coffee shop opens and closes every now and then. I could not find the real reason behind. Let's assume, it is a combination of failure to advertise, locate in a wrong area, couldn't produce great taste, serve okay, present the not so good look and bla bla bla... I got the idea to talk about this because on Sunday I had my car washed nearby the Coffee shop that I used to see "B Coffee" has now changed to "Harmony Coffee". Let's see how long will this one last.

Coffee is acceptable but the chocolate is a little too sweet and I couldn't smell chocolate at all. However, the price is pretty reasonable. 1.75 for a cup of coffee and only 2 for the chocolate frappe. Still, let's see how long will this one last.

This one located at Delano Center, No. 144 St. 169 Sangkat Veal Vong Khan 7 Makara.


  1. Yeah, there it is again. Wanna try when you're here? Let's see if it's going to stay till you visit again :P


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