A Piece of My Life Theory

Living based on theory probably not realistic; yet, it helps. The idea is to get a clue of what is going on and what rule may be applicable for such situation. There ain’t always a ready-made solution in hand but do put a trust that there always is a way out. The thing is it may take time, effort and sacrifice. 

None loves to wait. None loves to try. None love to sacrifice. 


Time: The answer to the problem would always be solved in time. It’s not now, not today and not tomorrow. Time provide what one couldn’t ask for more—A chance to re-think, an opportunity to realize, a choice to make a right decision to one’s heart content. 

Effort: Act now and one shall know the real problem. Act now and one shall learn. Act now and one shall analyze. Act now and one shall conclude. Without it, one would be in a severe mere guess and assumption that pays no fruitful result. 

Sacrifice: State to the obvious, things go wrong all the time. Nothing could make it right. One should then know, it’s time to give in. It does affect the other factor and a difference may then take place. A difference in oneself, a difference in another, a difference in everything else that matters; most importantly, a pride one may receive. To win is to lose.