Had a little fun with cutie niece ;)

Hang out with mum, sisters, and niece... it was not much but it took us hours to have a little dinner lolz... Hum... well, did play with niece in the car. Yeah, we had gone wild hahahahahaha.... it was so funny hehehehe.... er... just keep laughing and laughing then we arrived home :( need to say goodbye to my cute niece but well, she was asleep already lolz... ok, just leave and that's it.

Wanna hang out tomorrow as I don't have to go to school for a study club... it's friday lolz... yeah, yet, have to take piano lesson :( so boring lolz... don really like it now... just as usual, never practice at all... ok, parents had spent lots for that so have to, have to, and have to ... hum.. :(



  1. u no u r so lucky that u can learn how to play piano. So don be lazy, gal! ;-)

    One day i will ask you to play a song for me, will u? :p

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