I got BAD feeling after reading all those stupid comments

I had just visited, read the story, and read those comments in Darlinglife blog. I felt really really bad about those who said Cambodia is THUG! Another one is KEWLI who posted a comment in my blog, saying my country is so currupted. Really, where there is no corruption? I believe, every country is the same about this problem. It is just more or less.

I am terribly sorry to hear about Liling's problem that she had posted in her blog. According to the story in her blog, her husband's family use power to do what they wish for, kidnap their own son, banned him not to meet her again, taken away his passport, and never allowed to be connected with her, without any authority by law. She believes they could do such a thing because a member of his family is one important officer in military affair, also they are rich which could easily bribe the officer in order to do what they want.

Comments were given support to her and bad view of Cambodia were also given. They are right to say her husband's family is Thug but NOT Cambodian. It's just one small part that they can see but they made judgment as a whole. I completely disagree with what they are thinking and saying about Cambodia. Not because I am Cambodian (though it might play a part) but I know they had made it wrong.

She was told not to go to Cambodia by the embassador and her husband. It's not safe to be in Cambodia alone as she's a girl. I ask you, is it safe for a girl to be anywhere else beside Cambodia when she doesn't know the language and the location or...? Is it safe to be where you are not welcome? Is it safe to be where there is someone who against you and who had tried so hard to suffer you? Her husband told her not to come might be because he knows his family would do something bad to her but not that Cambodian would do something to her.

Ok, ok, ok,... There are many things to say but what I really mean is that Liling's problem is only about one family in Cambodia so you guys shouldn't judge Cambodian through only one thing that you can see. I, actually, accept that our country might not be as good as yours yet as you know, we had just started from below zero.

Hum... I am not good at convincing people to believe what is fact about my country but I really want people to know that we are not THUG.

Truly love cambodia,



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  2. The link has been posted in many Cambodian blogs. They're seemly trying to defame Cambodia.
    Phörs, you're right - nowhere in the World, no corruption - so we should not find it a strange thing.
    Hopefully, the next Khmer generation would help fight against those negativeness, bringing back Cambodia's better face to the World.

  3. Hi Phors,

    I'm glad you write about this.
    First, she has been miss-advised badly about her husband situation and about Cambodia. There are many Singaporeans, tourists and business people, in Cambodia, as are many Thais, Americans, Brits, etc. and they are safe and sound in Cambodia.

    Second, I'm very suspicious about her husband's situation. Since he has a Singaporean wife, if he really wants to go back to Singapore, he can always get another passport. With his wife and their certificate of marriage, he can definitely get another Cambodian passport, Singaporean passport, or even become a Singaporean citizen.

    Instead, they ask for others to help. But what can anybody do if her and her husband don't want to do it themselves, but only cry about it. It's an internal family affair. There is nothing for any government, even corrupt one, to benefit from it anyway. If she and her husband take the husband's family to a Cambodian court. They will 100% win the case. As soon as the judge sees the Singaporean Marriage certificate and her citizenship. No body can do anything to them. The family has to give back the passport or if the court can't prove that the family took the passport, he is entitled to making a new passport due to lost.

    This girl has been ill-advised and I can't believe that the Singaporean Embassy advised her that. I'm very shock that she (and the Singaporean Embassy) has that perception of Cambodia even after she has been to Cambodia already.

  4. Try not to become disheartened by those demeanor comments. I live in America, and tons of people talk junk about us.

    In America, we have this thing called Internal Affairs. They are a part of our huge beaurocracy, but they serve an important purpose: To find the corrupt government officials and prosecute them.

    Does Cambodia have something like that in place already?

  5. Are you Cambodian or has your family lived or worked abroad? If they have not there is a 99% chance your family gets money from corruption. Does you father work in the government??

    Considering there is a 50% tax on vehicles imported into Cambodia how does your family afford to let you, a 19 year old, drive a toyota Rav 4 that costs $25-$30,000 US dollars if bought new + 50% tax could equal = $40,000. Considering a doctors salary is only a couple hundred dollars per month, rural univeristy professors can earn $75 US dollars per month, and a teacher earns $20-$40 per month how do you afford your lifestyle of digital cameras, a trip to Hong Kong, University education, and dining in the best restaurants in Phnom Penh. The price of meals in some of the restaurants I see in your pictures is higher than the daily wage for a university educated Cambodian. It is no surprise that you would defend one of the most corrupt countries in the world against corruption charges.

    Cambodia is a country that receives up to 50% of it's annual governmental budget from foreign aid.

    So just to let you know Cambodians have not been rebuilding Cambodia, foreign governments have. If Cambodians were left to their own means there wouldn't even be roads or electricity there. Cambodians do not even oversea the operation of their own temples Angkor Wat nor do they operate their own memorial to their own killing fields..........

    Cambodia has the highest HIV rate in Southeast Asia.
    42% of Cambodian females are illiterate.
    There is no social security,no minimum wage, no justice.
    Regular armed conflicts ceased in the late 90's.
    Ex-Khmer rouge currently run the government.
    There is no healthcare for poor.
    Forced prostitution is normal and not prosecuted.

    Are you stupid or do you just choose to look past reality?

    Go and live like 90% of other Cambodians do and then maybe you'll have a realistic view of the life of Cambodians.


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