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I had been so down for the last few days and now I am still not well but a bit better after I had talked over the problem I got. I had never thought I would tell anyone how much do I suffer and never let anyone sees my weakness. However, last night, I did show it out. Not on purpose though. I know crying is not the solution but it does help when we don't know what to say or what to tell. Sharing was what I considered to be sth useless and shame to say but it had turned out to be a very useful way to consolve ourself. It does help me, though not much but at least not to cry again. I don't know what had changed me to be who I am now... So hard to say but it's like that...



  1. Since I'm clueless to what problem you're encoutering, please let me talk in general way.
    As born not to bear with difficulties, bitterness has come to us always. But please bear in mind that the Nature has equipped us with all kinds of thing to be used as partners, helping fight against those negativeness.

    Well, what are my partners, anyways? Of course, one of them is my reliable friends. Sharing with them my problems, I always feel relax after that - almost their idea or comfort makes me feel ful of happiness, then a solution would be discovered.

    Once in a while, I chose crying as a solution, too. But in majority, I hang out alone or with my friends, or go drink beer - then fall asleep, waiting for better tomorrow :-(

  2. What's about writing what is in your mind into a book?
    Then you will feel better coz it is the same as you told someone.
    If it is the top secret you can burn it down latter.
    Just try to tell yourself that this is the way life goes on.Life is
    full of sad and happy.If you like reading you can read some
    philosophy or sociology or some books alike then you will find out that sadness is going
    to happen to all people and how the social treat us bla bla...


    this what I did when I was broken heart.hope these can help

  3. Hi dearest!
    I used to listen to Vietnamese song which said "Life without sorrow & bitterness is not called a life". It simply means that one who never experiences sadness has not yet understood the meaning of life. Dear! Pls keep in mind that there is not u alone who suffer from life; there r many others who r also facing different tragic obstacles in life.
    I would highly recommend u share all ur sadness to so who, u think, can be a very helpful consultant...esp. one of ur best friends.
    Ur friend always,

  4. Dear, don't be pessimistic about the fact that you've changed. In fact, it's another milestone of your life that leads you through maturity and that provides you experiencing the taste of life.

    No matter what will happen, just remember that you are not alone.


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